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Eastern Multi-Academy Trust recognises the benefits and opportunities which new technologies offer to teaching and learning. Our approach is to implement safeguards within the Trust and to support staff and learners to identify and manage risks. We believe this can be achieved through a combination of security measures, training and guidance and implementation
of our associated policies. In furtherance of our duty to safeguard learners, including meeting the new PREVENT requirements,
we will do all that we can to make our learners and staff stay e-safe and to satisfy our wider duty of care.
This e-safety policy should be read in conjunction with other relevant Trust policies and procedures. The policy applies to all users who have access to the Trust IT systems, both on the premises and remotely, and to all use of the Internet and electronic communication devices such as email, mobile phones, games consoles, social networking sites, etc.


1. Safeguards on Trust IT-based systems are strong and reliable.
2. Behaviour of users of systems is safe and appropriate.
3. Storage and use of images and personal information on Trust IT- based systems is secure and meets all legal requirements.
4. Staff and students are well educated in E-safety.
5. Any incidents which threaten e-safety are well managed.
6. Students understand the risks attached to accessing terrorist and extremist material online and understand the institution’s duty and process in these areas.