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Transport to and from the academy

Kings Lynn Academy has one of the largest catchment areas in Norfolk, with many different bus companies visiting us to drop off and collect students, as part of the Norfolk County Council School Bus Service. Each bus has a number which relates to the route and these are clearly marked on the bus.

Bus passes for transport to and from the academy are required to be at hand at all times. Norfolk County Council have provided an information sheet for Home to School Transport for children aged 5-16 years on their web site here, including details of ‘discretionary seats’ for those ineligible for fully subsidised bus transport. The application form can be found on the Norfolk County Council web site here.

If your son or daughter has missed their bus…

If your son or daughter has missed their bus, they should report immediately to the academy reception, where we will do our best to place them on an alternative bus, if available. If an alternative bus cannot be sourced, we will contact the student’s parent or carer to collect them; please note, our reception waiting area closes at 4:30pm, so we ask that if this situation occurs, that the student is collected in a timely manner.

If my son or daughter does not have their bus pass…

The general policy for bus transport is that if there is no bus pass, there is no travel. However, most bus operators will allow students on at their discretion, which may or may not include a 50p standard fare for non-bus pass holders. It is important that students bring their bus pass with them and have it at hand at all times. If a bus pass is lost in the academy, students should report the loss to reception immediately.

Dealing with poor behaviour on the buses…

Students who cause the health and safety of fellow passengers, bus operators or other drivers/employees to be put at risk will be reported to the academy by the bus operator. The matter may be dealt with under the academy discipline policies, involving the student’s parent or carer as required. It is imperative for health and safety that all students are well-behaved on their way to and from the academy.

Driving your son or daughter to the academy

The academy site is very busy, particularly at the beginning and end of the day. To improve the safety of the site for students at these busy times, we have changed the layout and organisation of buses.