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Step by Step guide to using Teams for Students
  • Pupils should ideally download the Teams app (many have for the recent test lessons) to a laptop, PC or tablet, although the lessons can be accessed via the web version of MS Teams.
  • Pupils need to know their school email address as this is where the invitation to join the Teams lesson will be sent.  Their user id is (normally) the year they started at KLA in Y7, first initial and surname e.g. the user name for YIko Ono in Year 10 would be 17yono.  Password is the same one used to log in to the school network.  Their email address is [user name] 
  • Please contact us if you have any problems logging in to your school email – Mrs Hazell or Mrs Rutter are the people to contact on
  • Pupils need to look in their school email inbox for the invitations to lessons. 
  • The invite may come from a teacher who is not the normal class teacher.  The invite will give the time of the lesson and pupils should join just before then.  Initially these invitations are likely to arrive at the start of the indicated lesson but we anticipate that we will be able to start sending those invitations in batches with more notice later in the week.  Pupils just need to be available at the same time that they would normally have each lesson, so that they can log in to access the lesson from home.
  • The teacher will probably check in with to make sure that all pupils logging in can see the board and to say hello, but may later mute and unmute as required during the lesson.  They may leave the camera on or they may just share what is being projected on the board.  You should always be able to hear your teacher. 
  • You can use the message function if you need help but please be as considerate to your classmates and teacher as possible!  All messages sent using the chat facility are retained and can be checked, so it would be very easy to identify anyone making inappropriate comments!

Here is a link to a quick start guide for students using Teams.  Don’t worry if your screen does not look exactly the same!