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Reading for Students

Reading is one of the most important skills that you will ever learn.  It is also one of the most amazing! Think how wonderful it is, that the ink on the page, or the pixels on the screen, can turn from simple marks into meaning.  Meaning!  And then think of how those meanings can help you – not just to understand what is literally going on, but also opening up whole new worlds in the process.

Being able to read will help you to understand your life and live in it fully.  It will not only be a key to the day-to-day and working world, but it will also open a whole realm of thinking for you to enjoy.  Being able to read will help you understand knowledge in all different subjects both in school and outside.  It will allow you to hear what the most important Scientists, Artists, Mathematicians, Historians, Musicians, Politicians have said.  Through reading (understanding the ink marks – those pixels) you will be able to travel through time and space, hearing the best thinking first hand.

It is through reading that we can open up our imaginations and find ourselves in different lands, we can inhabit different planets, meet a host of different personalities and enjoy adventure.   We could one moment be solving crimes with Sherlock Holmes – joining him and Watson in Victorian London,  the next in a mysterious music hall in Cirque du Freak, before finding ourself looking for gold in Treasure Island.

At KLA you will be supported in your reading in all subjects.  You’ll be shown how to skim read for speed, scan for important facts, as well as read slowly and carefully to analyse information.  We want you to enjoy our wonderful library, and involve yourselves in World Book Day, the Carnegie Award, and our book clubs.  We will encourage you to read independently, as well as together in our English Department’s Reading for Pleasure lessons, sharing story as an experience.    We will discuss what we read, reflect on what others say, empathise, question, and think. 

All this, because reading really is one of the most important and amazing skills that you will ever learn!