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The Importance of Reading

Reading is a fundamental skill that supports every aspect of your child’s education.  AT KLA, every teacher is a teacher of reading.  Staff are trained to teach vocabulary and reading fluency.  Each subject has their own reading recommendations (see our curriculum section) to support and enthuse our students in these different subject areas.

Cultivating a reading habit beyond school is key, not just to improve learning (although just twenty minutes a day can accelerate progress) but because reading can offer such joy.  A love of reading enriches our lives, offering fabulous stories, characters, and fresh new perspectives on our lives.  The magical process that happens when we read, where the words on the page become alive, can educate, entertain, and take us to whole new worlds.

But where do we start?

Below is our KLA Canon, a selection of books that we recommend to students.  Selected by our students and staff, these are our recommendations.  Some are light hearted, some more challenging, and as well as acknowledged classics, you will see new treasures too.  This list is not exhaustive and will grow.  We would love to hear your recommendations too!

These books are available in our library now - happy reading!