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Welcome to KLA

At KLA it is our firm belief that every young person should be given the opportunities and encouragement they need to succeed; we believe in ‘Success in all we do’.

We are a warm and welcoming academy where every individual is well known. The basis of our work and the reason why many families are joining us, is our commitment to every young person doing their very best.

Every student comes with a different story and has found primary school rewarding and challenging to different degrees. Here at King’s Lynn Academy we are interested in how far each student can go, whatever their starting point.

When choosing a school for your child it is vital to see it for yourself. We know many families who have been very impressed because they have come to see us in action, then going on to choose KLA.

If you would like an individual tour of the school, these can be booked by calling reception on 01553 774671.

Please come and get to know us: we look forward to welcoming you to King’s Lynn Academy.


  “Together…[the leadership team] have transformed the school’s culture and                     ethos.”
“Pupils are polite and courteous.  They wear their uniforms and badges of achievement with pride.  They care for one another and are respectful towards staff.”

   Ofsted inspection, October 2018.


                                                                                     Alan Fletcher Principal


               Elanor Westbury Vice Principal                                                                              Phil Bugg Vice Principal