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Personal Development

Personal Development

The personal development of students is central to their time at King’s Lynn Academy where a wide range of enrichment opportunities present themselves alongside the curriculum. Whether it’s experiencing the German Christmas Markets, the Battlefields of Belgium or the home of Harry Potter on the Warner Bros studio tour there is something for everyone. If students would rather participate in something more active then they can sign up for the PGL trip or Duke of Edinburgh award scheme where learning is taken outside and beyond the classroom to engage and inspire students. In addition, students are encouraged to learn about the place they live through experiences of the local town and surrounding area as well as immersing themselves in cultural experiences at the theatre or in art galleries locally and nationally.

We see the development of each pupil’s personal and character as every bit as important as their academic progress, and the school has long had this entitlement at its core.  KLA is unusual for a secondary school in that every student has their own Personal Development pathway, supported by tutors spending time with them in a 1-1 meeting twice per year, which is then summarised in a Personal Development Plan and shared with parents.   Additional, bespoke further support is then available for pupils where these meetings identify additional need. 

Character education forms part of each student’s Personal Development Plan, which then is designed to signpost enrichment opportunities and encourage students to challenge themselves and participate where they may not have done so before.

Student Leadership opportunities are wide and varied at KLA.  We are incredibly proud of our Student Commission – our student leadership programme, which is open to all pupils, regardless of their age or academic record and which has over 100 members spread equally across all five year groups.  Acceptance onto the programme is rigorous – a written application is then followed by both peer and staff interviews – and ensures that pupils who join our Student Commission embody the desire and commitment of our student body to play a significant role in our continuing improvement.

Our Student Commission is separated into two distinct focus groups - one focussing on Teaching and Learning while the other is linked to personal development and welfare. Student Commissioners participate in a range of activities from interviewing staff candidates and observing lessons to the development of policies for the wider academy as well as acting as peer support through the Worry Buddy system.  They also play a great role in acting as role models both within our school community as well as representing KLA pupils externally. 

In addition to the Student Commission there are numerous opportunities for students’ voices to be heard. During form time there are student led activities which are devised by a student team to address issues which they feel are pertinent to KLA, as well as student surveys.