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Personal Development Plans

At KLA we believe that every student should be supported to be the best version of themselves that they can be. One way we do this is through the Personal Develop Plans.

Each term every student has a 1:1 meeting with their tutor at which they review their attendance, achievement and behaviour alongside their learning and character.

Students are asked to RAG (red, amber green) themselves against six learning traits and five character traits, the tutor and tutee then choose an area of focus which will be reviewed at the next PDP meeting the following term.

Students are encouraged to think about their academic progress as well as their character development; it is their responsibility to bring evidence of achieving their targets to their tutor.

The premise of the PDP program at KLA is that students will take meet small challenges from Y7 to Y11 which will enable them to develop and prepare for the next steps. By focusing on learning students will be encouraged to develop academic skills which will prepare them for life at college, sixth form, apprenticeship and university however studies have shown that employers are looking for skills beyond those found in the classroom, such as problem solving, risk taking and teamwork. To reflect these characteristics the PDP will also focus on character and the hidden curriculum; This  means that students are supported to take every opportunity which is offered to them with enthusiasm and drive,  these may include working alongside community groups, taking part in charity projects and exploring the world beyond King’s Lynn, further afield in the UK and abroad.

Once the meeting has taken place between the tutor and their tutee parents will be contacted so that they are able to encourage students to achieve their targets alongside school staff.

The following term the tutor and student will meet again, reviewing targets and setting new ones to facilitate the small steps towards success.