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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein

Curriculum Rationale: Mathematics

Powerful knowledge in Mathematics – Why do we teach these concepts?

Our curriculum aims to empower students to develop and apply problem solving skills focusing on overarching and spiralling mathematical components: Algebra, Number, Ratio, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.

These skills are used in a wide range of maths specific and non-specific careers, including but not exclusive to, engineering, IT, Accountancy, Science and Research, Banking and Finance, and Consultancy.

Our aim is to encourage students to develop mathematical behaviour and as such our curriculum encourages students to develop deeper understanding to make links across curriculum areas.

Curriculum Features - How do we embed the learning?

At all levels, students are provided with opportunities to behave mathematically. The emphasis is on empowering students to notice, make connections, explain, justify, conjecture, prove.

In each key stage we have a number of mathematical concepts and big ideas for all. We encourage students to use particular techniques to support their development (ratio tables, area models, graphing) as well as draw a pictorial representation to make sense of a given situation. We encourage full working in everything we do so students see and understand their mathematical journey.
Challenge is provided through depth rather than acceleration.

Curriculum Enrichment – How do we link with other subjects and offer experiences?

Students will be offered a wide variety of opportunities and experiences that widen their appreciation of mathematics and the world around it.

These will include:

  • Developing an appreciation of some aspects of finance and more creative mathematics
  • Taking part in national competitions such as the UK Mathematics Individual Challenge and Team Challenges.
  • Code breaking with opportunities to visit Bletchley Park, in school Mastermind Competitions
  • Maths in different cultures
  • Opportunities to further explore mathematical ideas with key exponents in the mathematics community.
  • Students will be encouraged to read extracts around mathematics