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Early Career Teachers

The Early Career Teachers programme is a blended learning experience that provides teachers and their mentors with high quality, evidence-informed training and materials alongside scaffolding to ensure effective mentoring.

What you will learn:
  • All the ‘learn that’ and ‘learn how to’ content of the Early Career Framework, including behaviour, instruction, curriculum, assessment and self-regulation.
  • What effective teaching looks like, through specific examples and explanations of how and why this practice works so early career teachers get put on the path to teaching expertise.
  • How to keep getting better in a systematic manner, so they can continue to improve and thrive during their career.
How will you learn:
  • A carefully designed combination of face-to-face training, virtual peer-learning groups, expert-led webinars and weekly video tutorials, which all sit alongside support for effective mentoring.
  • All content is designed and delivered by experts in teacher education, drawing upon the best available evidence in how teachers learn.
  • Programme components have been designed intentionally to fit with the demands of schools and the busy lives of teachers, keeping travel and cover requirements to a minimum, and providing online learning that can be undertaken at any time, in any place, on any device.

NQT Training

KLA aims to recruit and retain the best teachers to work at our academy, and we hope that you will enjoy working in an academy which is proud of its achievements and commitment to continuous improvement. Working at KLA, you can expect the best in terms of support and professional development opportunities to enable a successful completion of your induction. KLA’s aim is to help you to reach your potential and to promote a supportive working environment, in which you can establish and develop a successful and rewarding career in teaching.




Remission Time

Term 1

Observation 1 (within the first two weeks) to be completed by (PA + Mentor or HoD)


Review Transition Point 1 of CPD and draw up an action plan based on this, reflecting the school context and QTS and Induction Standards.

Half Term Professional Review Meeting

First Probation Meeting with PA

Remission time (i.e. the extra 10% non-teaching time) should be spent carrying out developmental activities such as:

  • Shadowing a class for a day
  • Observing and being observed by another NQT
  • Working alongside a mentor
  • Observing other teachers in and out of your subject area
  • Visiting your subject in another school
  • Spending a morning in a feeder school
  • Spending some time in the SEN support department
  • Attending an external training event
  • Collaborating in planning with another teacher/ NQT.



Observation 2

1st Assessment  Meeting:

NQT Induction Assessment Report 1 to be completed.

Term 2

Observation 3

Half Term Professional Review Meeting

Observation 4

2nd Assessment Meeting:

NQT Induction Assessment Report 2 to be completed.

Interim Probation meeting with PA

Term 3

Observation 5

Half Term Professional Review Meeting

Final Probation meeting with PA

Observation 6

 July 2021

Final Assessment Meeting:

(with PA, Mentor)

NQT Induction Assessment Report 3 to be completed.

Discuss development priorities for year 2.






























The 6 observations will be carried out by various staff throughout the year: Mentor, SL/HoD or ALT. At least 3 of the 6 must be completed using the formal academy observation sheet. Your Mentor will meet with you every fortnight to discuss progress and to agree new action plans. The NQT Professional Programme will be held on Tuesdays.