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All staff at KLA work exceptionally hard to ensure that our pupils and their families are happy and settled in school life.

While the overwhelming majority of the feedback we get is positive, we are well aware that in a school of over a thousand people each day, things occasionally do not go entirely according to plan! 

Early Concerns

If you need to contact school to raise a concern, please in the first instance contact your child’s form tutor or Head of Year who will work with you to quickly ensure that this is remedied. 

Persistent Concerns

If, despite our best efforts, an issue continues to cause concern, we will then escalate our approach which will then mean that your concern is led to a resolution by either our Vice-Principal for Curriculum (for a teaching and learning issue) or our Vice-Principal for Student Welfare (where the issue is based more in a wellbeing concern).

Formal Complaints

Almost all concerns are resolved to a satisfactory conclusion by this point.  If however, you still are not happy with the approach taken, at that point you can avail yourself of the formal complaints procedure by formally contacting the Principal to make a complaint.  At this point the Principal will agree with you the approach to be taken, following the Trust policy. 

To view our complaints policy please click here.