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We believe that this is a great place to be and to learn. Our motto is ‘success in all we do’. We do not put any ceilings on how high our students can go and we have high ambitions for everyone here. We are an open, inclusive and warm community with a true family atmosphere. As such, we support everybody to do well, enjoy their studies and make great friendships. Every year we meet new students who take our academy to a new level. Each year, our students choose to come here and realise that with hard work, the opportunities are unlimited. Supporting our young people is a pleasure and it is wonderful to hear our students’ own pride in the academy and that they recommend it to others. We are committed to a simple but powerful message ‘achieving our full potential together’. By getting to know every student well and providing the assistance each person needs to succeed, we create a strong community where our staff and students truly pull together.

Another foundation of our philosophy is that every KLA students must commit to demonstrating respect, aspiration and resilience. We do set challenging targets for students’ future success, most importantly in their final GCSE exams. However, we know each student comes from a different starting point and that success is best achieved by doing the little things well, every day and through a consistent desire from every student to make continual progress.

We offer a huge amount: stunning, modern facilities; talented and effective teaching staff; dedicated non-teaching support staff to deal with any concerns; how learning relates to the world of work; state of the art ICT;  a rich and rewarding curriculum, together with a fast-evolving and exciting set of wider clubs and opportunities.

More than anything though, we ask that you come and see KLA for yourself, because we believe that this is the best way to experience what we have to offer and for us to get to know you better too.

Please contact reception in order that you may book a tour.