Parents Hail Academy Enterprise Summer School a Success

Posted in KLA News

Over 40 parents and carers attended King’s Lynn Academy’s Year 6 Enterprise Summer School Awards during the recent week-long Summer School, hailing the event – the first of its kind – a resounding success.

40 Year 6 students spent the week at the Academy before starting in September. The Academy specialism is Enterprise and this proved a real hit with the children who made, marketed and sold colourful jewellery, home decorations, photo frames, "do not disturb" door signs and a whole lot more.

Laura McNeil, the Academy Enterprise Coordinator, said: "As well as a very successful introduction to the children's new school, this week has shown them the themes they will expect to find in their learning throughout their time here. Problem Solving, Team Work, Creativity, Risk Taking, Passion and Determination are all qualities that we expect students to discover in themselves, and the summer school has been a great start.”

Parents echoed their children's enthusiasm by getting involved at the Summer School Awards and, as a reward for their hard work the children were treated to a day at Pleasurewood Hills at the end of the week.