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Intro Website


KLA FilmClub is officially a SUPER CLUB!

KLA FilmClub have been awarded Super Club status, recognising the excellent work and dedication of our members.


The next FilmClub is Friday 8th November,

S2 Drama Theatre


Click here to view a trailer of the next film showing

Please Note: On rare occassions, KLA FilmClub will screen films that not all members are eligible to attend. 1408 is one of those films, requiring consent for 15 movies AND being in year 9 or above to qualify.


FilmClub production members are pleased to announce they have completed work on,

'Too Cool to Kickass'. 

The film follows the adventures of two teenagers who become accidental superheroes

in a world gone mad... ours.

'Too Cool to Kickass' has a running time of almost 25 minutes, a huge undertaking and an

impressive jump from 'The Spying Game'.


For more information, check out our blog.


In their first year, FilmClub members completed their short film project 'The Spying Game'.

At almost 15 minutes long it demonstrates the amount of work that

the members have undertaken and is something that all involved are proud of.


'The Spying Game' premiered at the KLA FilmClub Academy Awards ceremony on the 19th of July

and was attended by over 60 members of the local community, members of KLA staff

and the local coordinator for the national organistaion FilmClub.org.



The first rule of FilmClub...

  • You must be eligible to attend the classification of the film being screened, this is your responsibility. 
  • You will not be allowed to attend screenings that you do not qualify for, make sure you have travel arrangements on these occassions.
  • You must turn mobile phones on to silent.
  • You must be reasonably quiet during the film so that others can enjoy it too.
  • You must be responsible for your own litter and the room must be left tidy.
  • You may bring cold refreshments, no hot food or drink.
  • You must follow all announcements and safety instructions.