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KLA FilmClub Kickstarter- Too Cool 2 Kickass


Production of ‘Too Cool 2 Kickass: The Fall of Captain Obvious’, the highly anticipated sequel to fan favourite ‘Too Cool to Kickass’ is well underway. We have already produced fifteen minutes of completed film, something we have never managed at this stage before, but still have a long way to go as we are aiming for a minimum run time of forty-five minutes!
Our extremely dedicated crew have attended extra filming sessions during the Easter break so that we can deliver our vision to you with as little compromise to the story as possible.
With the Captain, his ‘Sidekick’, teddy bear Theodore and several others all heading off to university at the end of the academic year this is the last chance for the gang to go out with a bang. Now, more than ever, we need your support to help us complete our biggest and best film yet. 
If you would like to help us with our project and earn yourself some cool rewards whilst doing so, please visit our 'Too Cool 2 Kickass KickStarter’ by clicking here and pledge online to our fund. Every penny raised will be used to improve TC2K, securing special effects and music licenses - an expensive but essential part of our film making process.
Rewards start from just £1 to allow as many people as possible to get involved in what promises to be a fantastic feature film.
Thank you,
KLA FilmClub
Click on the logo to visit our Kickstarter campaign page.

AQA Unlocking Potential Programme

Three of our students have been chosen to receive one to one mentoring by Olympic Swimmer, Joanne Jackson. 
Deanna Lunness, Diana Spasska and Alana Brearley were nominated for showing commitment to their learning despite difficult circumstances. 
There were only forty places available across the country, so it is incredibly exciting that KLA have three students who have been accepted onto the programme. 
They will be mentored over eight months by Joanne Jackson, working to plan, set-up and run a community project of their choosing through the Unlocking Potential programme. The aim is to boost their confidence and their skills through regular mentoring. They have decided that they would like to plan and run a family fun day. 
Joanne will also share some of her personal experiences and how she was determined to reach success, in order to support, motivate and inspire the girls to work towards achieving their potential.